Lynne Kruger:

Piano Teacher

Vocal Coach


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Hi, I'm Lynne Kruger!

  Piano teacher, Vocal coach, Entertainer 

No greater gift than giving your child private music lessons for piano and/or singing.

Music changes children for the better helping them to express themselves, have more confidence, and allows them to experience the joy of making music. 

The process of taking piano lessons offers kids and teens many wonderful benefits that spill over into other aspects of their lives. It's amazing how that works!

Vocal coaching gives the student the skills to be able to project their voice without straining, improved voice quality with proper breathing and ways to enhance the lyric of the song with body movement and facial expressions.  These lessons are helpful with auditions for school, community or camp performances. 

Having taught many students these past 35 years affords me the continued pleasure of watching kids grow and blossom musically, however that turns out to be for them as unique individuals. Even some adults too!

Music and theater are a big part of my life. My love for all kinds of music comes into play as an entertainer and it's such a good feeling to connect with all kinds of audiences.

Piano playing and singing go well together in knowing how to read music. This is so beneficial  to any singer who wants to find a key for their vocal range or do a special arrangement or simply learn a new song.